About Me

Charles St 12

This blog is (mostly) about my love of running (training, racing, gear, books), but I had to include PB in the blog name because I’m obsessed with all things peanut butter.

Don’t mistake the PR part of the name to think all I ever do is chase PRs. I run because I love it and how it makes me feel physically and emotionally. It’s proved to me that my mind really is the limit and I can do things I never imagined (hey- I couldn’t even run a mile when I joined the cross country team back in high school). PRs are just icing on a cake when I get one πŸ™‚

I created this blog not only because I enjoy writing and I want to keep my friends and family updated, but because I really like reading other people’s blogs too. I think blogging provides a good insight to a person’s personality and it’s nice to be connected to other “real” people – not celebrities.

I follow people that are honest about what their goals are and they work hard to achieve them, but they also have fun and aren’t afraid of failure (they learn from it). It’s inspiring and truly motivates me to see how far people can go – I hope I can inspire people as well.

crossing Boston finish line 2

Β If you want to get in touch with me you can contact me via email, or on Twitter or Instagram

Email: ambervfinlay@gmail.com

Twitter: @ambertherunner

Instagram: @ambertherunner


12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this! Love your take on PRs and the importance of emotional running. I can’t wait to get to know you better as I keep up with your blog! I know it was a little thing, but your comment on my back-to-blogging post really meant a lot to me, so thanks for that!

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  3. Hi Amber, I love your blog and love your personality, and I envy your running speed! I try to run 5K every day, but my speed is unspeakably slow. I am also a newbie blogger myself, struggling with my second language trying to make some nonsense. I am glad that I got to read your blog (thanks to your mom :). I think running, reading and writing sound perfectly right together…

    • Thanks Dorothy! As much as I whine on here about not hitting my time goals sometimes, what really matters is that we’re runners, and doing what we love, regardless of our pace πŸ™‚

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