Versatile Blogger Survey

I love surveys! Not only doing them myself, because that just sounds selfish – but reading other blogger’s thoughts. It’s fun to learn about someone’s life outside running/fitness/food 🙂 Lisa from Running Out of Wine tagged me for this survey, so I thought I’d play along.

1. What is something people might be surprised to learn about you? Probably that I partied hard in college. I can’t tell you how many coworkers have interpreted my initial shyness and introverted personality to mean I’m a reserved person all around. That, and they assume that as a runner I don’t partake in alcohol at all.

2. Have you ever met someone famous? Does the Hokie Bird count? Because that’s pretty much it.

hokie bird


3. What is something you hope will never come back in style? Crocs as casual wear. I don’t like Crocs in general, but under no circumstances should they be worn with jeans or really anything besides what you would wear to garden in, or shower in a public place.



By Crocs, I mean the original Crocs. I’m not even going to acknowledge the other styles they’ve come out with.

Also, popped collars should stay in the past.

4. What is one place on your travel must-see bucket list? There are so many places I want to go, and things I want to see. 50 states goal, hello? I can’t think of just one, but of the many I hope to go to, one is Nashville, TN (I love country music).

5. Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? Good question. I guess Julia Roberts? I mean, she’s quite a bit older than me, but I’ve always been a fan of her.

6. Who is your favorite Disney Princess? Honestly, I’m not much of a Disney person. Maybe one day when I have kids I will be, but I actually had to google them to get an idea of who I like.

disney princesses


I guess Mulan since she was kind of a badass. Or maybe Ariel because she lived underwater, and that’s just different.

7. What would you sing at karaoke night? Backstreet boys or Spice Girls.

Beach Week 2010

the only time in my life I tried karaoke: Spring Break 2010

8. Who would you want to be stranded with on a deserted island? Ahh I’m so you used to the “what item would you want to have” question (boat, duh), not who. I’d have to say someone who could help me survive until help rescued us so…Bear Grylls.

9. What is your biggest pet peeve? Gosh, so many. Besides people asking me how my jog went, Lisa nailed it with slow walkers. But in the interest of being original, I’ll go with people who are on their phones when I’m out with them. Unless someone’s response is “let me finish this tweet/instagram”, (and that works once every few hours) I expect them to put their phone away and pay attention to me and everyone else in attendance. You can be on your phone at home.

Zombie apocalypse


10. What clothing item/accessory/shoes do you have way too many of in your closet? Workout tops in general. Tank tops, short sleeved, long sleeved, pullovers. You name it – they are all overflowing from my dresser and closet. On the plus side, I’m never short on layers come wintertime 🙂

not enough closets


Who I’m tagging: Charissa of Charissa Running, Sara of Sweaty Mess Mama, and Jamie of I Don’t Eat That

Who have you met? Any school mascots? 😉

BSB or N’Sync? I was a BSB girl all the way

Pet peeves?



I thought I’d switch things up around here with my first ever What I Ate Wednesday post. I love reading other WIAW posts for food inspiration, and to feed my curiosity.

My weekday eats are pretty routine, and don’t change much Monday – Friday, but I do go through cycles of obsessions. I’ll eat the same thing for breakfast every week for several months before I finally need a break from it and move on to something else.

Lately, these have been my go-tos:

I had a 10 mile run on the schedule before work, and woke up hungry. Usually I don’t eat before morning runs unless it’s a race day preparation long run on a weekend, but I knew I’d regret it a few miles into this run if I didn’t eat something beforehand.

would you expect anything other than PB flavored?

Since this was a longer mid-week run (SOS, or something of substance), rather than a recovery or easy pace run, I followed it up with chocolate milk.

I love chocolate milk for the portability, so I can toss it in my gym bag on days I’m not running from home. That, and eating after a run isn’t usually appealing to me. But drinking is 🙂

 Breakfast happens at work. Lately I’ve been loving these egg/bean/pepper filled wraps that I pinned a while back from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean. I prep them over the weekend, and it takes maybe 35-40 minutes. Totally worth it to have a homemade meal for breakfast every morning.

yep, that’s a stuffed monkey at my desk. wearing a bracelet as a necklace that says “There’s Only One…Boston Marathon”

Usually after breakfast I’ll have a cup of green tea.

My mid-morning snack was grapes…

…followed by another cup of tea. This time Chai.

Lunch was a salad. I usually use baby spinach, spring mix, or a mixture of the two with various veggies and nuts. For a while I was using eggs as my protein, but I stopped that when I started making the breakfast wraps. Now I alternate between pork or chicken, but last week I was honestly too lazy during meal prep.

baby spinach + broccoli slaw + cucumber + sliced almonds + Italian dressing

In the late afternoon I had an apple.

Honeycrisp are my favorite

Dinner was ground turkey cooked with a medley of frozen vegetables and garlic powder, all topped with guacamole, and of course a glass of wine (Malbec) on the side.

Not gonna lie…dessert was another glass of wine. Yummy 🙂

Do you go through phases of eating the same thing day after day?

Do you eat before morning runs?

Favorite kind of wine?

Race Report – Pittsburgh Half Marathon

State #5 – check!

I signed up for this race a while ago when one of my friends, Heidi, mentioned she would be running her 3rd Pittsburgh Marathon this spring. She had great things to say about the race (but maybe she was biased since it’s where she grew up? 😉 ), and I wanted another state crossed off the list.

We left Saturday morning and made it up to Pittsburgh in about 4 hours.

first glimpse of the skyline

One of her friends from high school, Holly, was running the full as well. Holly lives in Florida now, but luckily her aunt had a condo downtown that we could use for free 🙂 We met Holly’s friend, Chelsea, who was running the half, and headed off to the expo.

Weirdest thing about the expo: after you pick up your bib & shirt, you have to walk to the other end of the expo, past all the booths to pick up the bag with safety bins & the usual freebies in it. Annoying. I planned on shopping around anyway, but if I hadn’t, I would’ve been seriously irritated.

I ended up picking up another pair of New Balances on clearance since the ones I used during my Boston training are approaching the 500 mile mark. We browsed around a bit longer, spotted our names on a big wall, then headed to dinner.

  there’s me!  

dinner – myself, Heidi and her college roommate Rachel

After dinner we tried to find an open CVS or Walgreens so Heidi could pick up her Pedilyte (drink of choice during marathons). Turns out Pittsburgh is ridiculous and all pharmacies are closed by 8 pm on a Saturday night.

We got back to the condo, and as I was putting together my outfit for the race, I noticed the bag provided at the expo only included 2 safety pins. Really? Luckily Heidi uses a belt that also holds her bib, so I could snag her 2 safety pins too. Come on Pittsburgh.

I was up at 6, got changed, ate my Clif Bar, snapped a quick pic, then the 4 of us left the condo around 6:45 to head to the starting line.

the condo was on the 10th floor and had a door that opened to nothing.

Soon we were in the starting corral setting our watches. It was pretty much the perfect temperature – low 50’s and slightly overcast.

Shortly after 7, the gun went off, and we crossed the starting line with a huge mass of people. I didn’t plan to stick with Heidi, Holly, or Chelsea since they were a little bit slower than me. Though the race started downtown on the road, no one was on the sidewalks, so I hopped on when I saw a few other runners do it and flew by the crowd of runners on the road. I was still shocked when my first mile was something like 7:42. I was supposed to be taking this easy since Boston was only two weeks earlier.

None of the miles really stuck out to me since I wasn’t looking at my watch all that much (hooray for just for fun races!), but I will say I really enjoyed the course. We crossed 4 or 5 bridges, and I loved each one. The spectators were fantastic, and the views of the river were really nice.

It heated up really quickly – by mile 7ish I was toasty. Just before the 9th mile I remember running through a big mist thing spraying water, but I could hardly feel the water. (Side note: I originally typed big mister, but that just looks weird.) I felt like it evaporated before it really hit me.

 looking good as always #sarcasm

We split from the marathoners around mile 11.5. They turned right up a huge incline, while we turned left and had a tiny hill, then a huge downhill to the finish.


Overall: 760/14,577

Female: 206/8,976

Age Group [25-29]: 64/1,987

Would I do this race again? Absolutely. While the packet pick up was weird, and the two safety pins thing seemed super cheap to me, everything else was pretty great 🙂

Race Report – The Boston Marathon

Oh.My.Gosh. Marathon #3 is in the books, and state #4 has been checked off. I’m still on a high from Marathon Monday.

First, a quick recap of my final week (18) of training:

Sunday – 8 mi around DC with Sammy. It was a gorgeous day, perfect time to go see all the cherry blossoms 🙂 We had no idea what our pace was since my GPS watch wouldn’t connect. Sammy used an app on her phone to track the mileage, but with all the weaving around people and stops we had to make, we couldn’t get an accurate pace.

Monday – 6 mi @ 8:34 + 1 hr yoga. It’s been forever since I’ve run before work and I really missed it! I’m hoping to make it a more regular thing this summer.

Tuesday – 6 mi @ 8:34

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 1 mi @ 8:34 + plank + 5.1 mi @ 8:34 with run club

Friday – 5 mi @ 8:49

Saturday – After multiple flight delays and finally being switched to another plane, I landed in Boston shortly after 1. My brother met me at the airport, we dropped off my stuff at the apartment he was renting with his wife for the weekend, then headed downtown for lunch with my parents, then the expo!

After buying ALL THINGS BOSTON, my brother (T), SIL (S) and I headed back to the North End. T joined me for 3 cool and windy miles through town and along the waterfront at an 8:57 pace.

That night I had a silly pre-race dream as usual:

Sunday morning, we headed downtown again for brunch with my parents (I had the best pancakes ever), then we checked out the Boston Commons where I’d be catching the bus on Monday morning.

I picked up a cheap orange hat, and socks to act as mittens for Monday morning, grabbed a sandwich from Subway for dinner later that evening, and headed back to the apartment to relax. I napped, read, and spent a lot of time trying to contain my jitters. I was pretty frustrated that the weather was supposed to suck.

While I really wanted to enjoy Boston more than anything, I had trained hard for a PR and had a fantastic 18 week cycle. I told myself I’d assess the weather in the morning, and just see what happened. But going to sleep that night, I was feeling anxious and hopeless about a PR.

Monday morning I was up at 6:30 to get ready. I ate oatmeal & almond butter, packed up my drop bag, then headed for the Boston Commons. My brother was nice enough to ride the metro with me and walk me to the Commons since I knew that would make it less stressful for me. My mom met me at the commons & grabbed my drop bag so I could just shower at my parent’s hotel after the race. Somehow she had found gloves for sale somewhere and gave them to me so I wouldn’t have to use the socks. I was sooo thankful for this when I reached the Athlete’s Village.

I didn’t expect the bus ride to Hopkinton to be so long, but I was glad to have someone to talk to to keep my mind off my own nerves. I don’t remember his name, but we chatted about past marathons, our goals for the day, and his travel plans with his son in Europe this summer.

Once we were off the bus, I immediately hit up the port-a-potty lines, then headed for the tent to stay as warm as I could. I had my race outfit on, a pair of old capri sweatpants, an old sweatshirt, my ugly orange hat, my mom’s gloves, and I’d wrapped the socks around my neck like a scarf. I was freezing. Time passed pretty quickly – I ate a Cliff Bar, swallowed my first salt cap, then headed to the start line with all the other blue bibs. It was a long walk, and pretty much the entire way there was lined with garbage bag to collect everyone’s throwaway clothes. I took off my sweatpants and sock/scarf mere steps from my corral, then slipped in with all the other runners.

I was still going out with the goal of a PR, but I planned to take the first half slightly slower than MGP (7:49) to be conservative. As I stood on the starting line, I thought back to when Katie ran her OTQ in terrible race conditions. So I wasn’t giving up on the idea of a PR yet. The difficult course ahead worried me, but I know once I crossed the starting line, the nerves would immediately settle as I focused on hitting pace.

Soon, it was 10:50 and we were off (into the rain)! It was the best start I’ve ever experienced. I wasn’t weaving around people since they were all around my pace, and though it was incredibly croweded, no one was running into each other or stepping on their toes. If only every race could start out so well!

The first 10 miles flew by. I was happy to focus on my pace and hear all the spectators instead of standing still & stressing over my race as I’d done for the past 24 hours. I peeled off my sweatshirt a couple miles in, but kept my hat & gloves on. I hit the 5k mark in 24:26 (7:51 pace).

I took my first GU 6 miles in and crossed the 10k in 48:45 (7:50 pace). I took my gloves off around 7.5ish miles in and hit 15k in 1:13:22 (7:52 pace).

I took my second GU at 12 miles. It was nearly impossible to unzip my shorts pocket, so I slipped out my salt cap to take at the half marathon mark since I didn’t think I’d be able to fumble with the zipper again. My fingers were so cold and numb! I knew keeping the gloves on wouldn’t have helped though since they were cotton and had soaked up all the rain. 20k – 1:38:06 (7:53 pace).

I took my second salt cap at the half marathon mark (in 1:43:31, 7:53 pace) and started mentally preparing myself for the hard part. I knew the course was mostly downhill (some rolling) for the first 16 miles, then came the uphills from 17-21. I had a few easy miles left before I really had to focus. 25k – 2:02:41 (7:53 pace)

Shortly before the 18th mile marker, I tried and majorly failed at unzipping the back pocket of my shorts. My last 2 GUs were in there, but my fingers were useless! I had two quick thoughts – run up to a spectator and ask them to unzip the back pocket of my shorts (awkward), or forgo fuel for the rest of the race and try to take in as many calories from the Gatorade stops as possible.

Then I saw the Cliff Gel stations! I’d never used Cliff Gels before, but at that moment, I figured risking an upset stomach with something new was better than hitting a wall due to lack of fuel. So I snatched 2 gels, and took one of them right away. 30k – 2:27:17 (7:54 pace)

Around the 19th mile, I felt the familiar tiredness in my legs that I’d experienced late in my training cycle. I just smiled because I knew I could run on tired legs. Aside from that, I felt pretty great.

I considered ditching my hat, but worried that when I crested Heartbreak Hill the headwinds would make me colder. So the wet hat stayed on my head. At the very least, my ears were still warm.

The hills weren’t all that bad. I think partially because I knew shortly after the 21st mile, the rest of the race was downhill. Also, anyone who has raced in Baltimore knows the dreaded Druid Hills. Heartbreak felt like nothing compared to my experience in Baltimores. 35k – 2:51:51 (7:54 pace)

I was beginning to feel pain in my quads though. Finally the 16 miles of downhill running was catching up to me. It was no longer tired legs, but quads that felt like they’d been beaten with a hammer prior to my race. In addition to that, the wind was head-on now rather than a cross-wind. And it was strong. I reminded myself to embrace the hurt and that I knew I could run through pain. While the wind kind of sucked, it didn’t make me that much more cold, and I was relieved I only had to deal with it over the last 5 miles rather than throughout the entire race. The end of a marathon wasn’t supposed to feel good, but I still felt loads better than I had at the end of the Baltimore Marathon where I BQ’ed.

I stopped looking at my watch as much as I had earlier in the race, and just focused on each mile one at a time. I was able to keep my pace up though my legs were aching beyond belief. The spectators were awesome. The entire race I’d only heard the best support ever. No one said “you’re almost there!” or “just x many miles to go!”.  I particularly remember hearing “go orange hat!”, “you trained for this!” and “don’t let Heartbreak Hill break you! It’s the last one!” I soaked up the cheers and started thinking of the finish line and how badly I wanted to PR, how close I was.

At the 24 mile marked, I took the second Cliff Gel I’d picked up earlier and crossed the 40k in 3:15:59 (7:53 pace). Before I knew it, I’d passed the 25th mile marker, taken off my hat, and was turning right onto Hereford, then left on Boylston.

The cheers where unbelievable. My quads were screaming at me, but I was overjoyed to see the finish line and was blinking back tears of happiness. I knew my family was somewhere on the sidelines cheering for me, though I couldn’t pick them out.

Apparently my brother spent too much time calculating my splits and trying to figure out when he should be ready to take a picture, so by the time my mom spotted me it was a little too late. My SIL got a couple shots on her phone, and my brother got a great one of me from behind, lol. 

I crossed the finish line in disbelief and completely choked up.

3:26:06 (7:52 pace)

Once again, I confirmed how terrible I am at running tangents when I saw my watch displayed a distance of 26.83 miles.

Overall: 8798/26610

Female: 1788/12022

Age Group (18-39): 1463/6011

I was glad that my back wasn’t hurting like it had at the end of, and after the Baltimore Marathon, but my legs were trashed. The volunteers were beyond amazing. Upon handing you anything, they offered to open it (bottles, bananas, Cliff bars, etc.). Someone wrapped me up in a poncho, another draped the medal around my neck, and all the while, they were congratulating you.

I was so so cold and the walk to the family meet up area felt like it was a mile away. On the way there a couple volunteers offered to wrap foil blankets around my legs, but I just wanted to see my family. Finally, one girl made me stop and just said “I have to put this on you. It’s too cold out for you not to have your legs covered.” I just stood there on wobbly legs with a crazy smile on my face and chattering teeth while she chatted to me about my shoes, that she loves too, and tied a foil blanket around my waist to cover most of my legs.

I continued on and nearly burst into tears when one volunteer asked what I was looking for when I just stopped in confusion. I was just so happy, but so cold. I felt like I couldn’t control myself. I managed to stutter out “Family area…F”, and she pointed me to the right sign.

I saw my mom, T & S walking towards me and instantly started yelling at them. I hugged my mom and gushed to them about how happy I was. Did they see me?! They assured me they did, and had been yelling for me, but obviously I didn’t hear them over everyone else.

I unwrapped the poncho for a quick medal picture before saying goodbye to T & S for a few hours.

I slowly trailed mom back to her hotel room. She had a few good laughs when I repeatedly had to ask her to slow down. Once I was back in her room I scanned through texts from my coworkers, who’d been tracking me, as well as a few other friends.

Sammy even snagged a picture of me crossing the finish line 🙂     

I relaxed with my parents for a few hours before meeting T & S again for a celebratory dinner with everyone at The Cheesecake Factory. Where I had the biggest piece of fudge cake in my life. It was delicious.

The Boston experience was better than I could’ve possibly imagined. This marathon is so well run, everyone in Boston, from strangers on the street to volunteers to spectators treated out-of-towners with such respect. The rest of the day on Monday while I had my medal on, countless people congratulated me and I couldn’t help but wonder don’t they get tired of telling thousands of people congratulations? 

Biggest thank yous ever to my family, fellow bloggers, IG and twitter friends, and of course IRL friends 🙂 Your support, texts, tweets, Facebook shoutouts, tidbits of advice – they were what I thought about during the race. Each time I crossed a timing mat, I thought of all the people tracking me and how I wanted them to see that I was running strong. It truly made me so happy to get so many well wishes, and congratulations before and after the race. To be called an inspiration by multiple people is the most flattering compliment ever, and one I won’t forget. I’m so thankful for my family and my runner family – without them my training cycle and race weekend wouldn’t have been nearly so special ❤

Thursday Thoughts: Boston & Blogging

2 days until I fly to Boston.

4 days until race day.

Holy crap.

Being so close, it feels surreal. I’m excited, nervous, anxious, happy, ALL THE EMOTIONS.

So figured I’d just try to write out my feelings before I get there – get it all off my chest: my hopes, my fears, what I’m looking forward to, things to remember on course. All followed by a tidbit on blogging.

  • Hillz. Boston has them- down then up. This is what I feel least prepared for. While where I live could hardly be called flat, much of my early training in this cycle was on the treadmill, and even when I ran outside, I never did any hill specific workouts. In general, I’m pretty good at running uphills, but I’ve never run a race with such a significant downhill portion – never mind in the early miles of the race. I wanted to say I’m scared I’ll get carried away and go too fast – but why be scared of something I can control? I can control my pace. It’s up to me to not start out too fast. But fingers crossed my lack of hill training doesn’t mean my quads are so trashed halfway through that I can’t continue.
  • A late start. I’m in the 3rd wave, 1st corral, so my start time is 10:50. The last time I started a race that late was in high school, at one of many cross country and track invitationals I went to. I’m not too worried about this though. My nerves will probably be the worst part about this. But most of my weekend runs during this cycle took place in the mid to late afternoon, so I know what to eat to keep my stomach calm during the race.
  • 3:25. The goal time I trained for. On one hand, I feel perfectly capable of this. Assuming race day goes as planned. But we all know the horror that can ensue when it’s just not your day. So while I’d love to PR – it’s still a goal of mine – it’s not my only goal. My primary goal is to enjoy the experience. All aspects of it. I don’t want to stress so much over my goal that I spend my time in the athlete’s village silently thinking of everything that can go wrong. I don’t want to spend the race staring at my watch every few seconds to make sure I’m on pace. I don’t want to give up and slog to the finish if I slip off pace and don’t feel well. I want to soak it all in and have fun while I’m at it.
  • Mantra. What I want to keep at the ready, should things get mentally, or physically tough: Embrace the hurt. Races hurt. At one point or another, if you’re pushing yourself, you’re going to find yourself hurting. The point is to know it will come, embrace it when it does (don’t waste energy trying to distract yourself from it, or wondering how to make it go away), and know it’s just temporary.
  • My FamilyThey’re going to be there! To watch me! I can’t wait to celebrate my finish with my parents, my brother, and my sister-in-law. I’m so used to racing alone, or maybe meeting a friend or two. But to have family at such an important race (that’s far away, and expensive to travel to) means the world to me.
  • Tracking. Should you decide you want to follow along and see what happens on race day, you can text my bib number, 16794, to 234567. You’ll receive text alerts when I’m at the 10k, half marathon, 30k, 35k, 40k marks, and upon crossing the finish line.

  • Blogging. After recapping Boston, likely sometime next week or weekend, I plan on taking a break. I love that blogging and following along on other’s journeys has been such a motivator for me for the past couple years, but I need time to focus on other things that feed my soul. Lately, blogging has felt like a have to – not a want to. And while I plan to check in with some of my favorites from time to time, I’ll be more likely to follow along on Instagram & Twitter. What do I plan on doing? I’ll still be running – that’s a given 🙂 But reading, being social. Being up to date on more than running. Etc, etc.

I’ll catch you on the flip side, post race! Have an awesome weekend, and to anyone else racing as well, best of luck!

Boston Training Week 17: Apr 5 – 11

This was my last week with SOS (something of substance) runs 🙂 I started the week on tired legs, but thankfully was feeling better by Wednesday.

Sunday – 10.07 mi @ 8:34. I was exhausted. In all senses of the word. I was returning from an overnight stay in Norfolk, VA and think a combination of traveling two weekends in a row, stress related to said travel and work, and just plain tired legs made for a terrible run. It took every ounce of willpower I had to keep moving on this run. Sammy was nice enough to chatter about everything in her life for the first 7ish miles of the run, but when I could barely respond to anything she said, she eventually petered out and we ran in silence.

Monday – 8 mi @ 7:53 + plank. Normally Mondays are my tempo runs, but I knew my legs were toast. I figured I’d switch my Monday tempo run for Saturday’s “long” run of 8 miles. At this point of training, I care more about keeping my confidence level up then following the plan as scheduled.

By the time I finished the run though, I was wondering how I’d even handle two more SOS workouts. I figured I’d take it a day at a time and wouldn’t let myself waste energy stressing about it. 

Tuesday – 1 hr yoga + 8 mi @ 8:20. Yoga felt fan-freaking-tastic! I left feeling refreshed and energized.

I didn’t want to run at all though. I left work early for a dentist appointment, then did some laundry, got a manicure, and sat outside in the glorious sunlight just reading for two hours. It was spectacular to finally have some downtime , but I wanted to keep reading and being lazy instead of going running. Good thing I had plans to meet Sammy 🙂

Wednesday – 2 mi warm up, 6 x 800 in 3:08 w/400 meter recovery, 2 mi cool down + plank

I wanted to do an SOS workout, but instead of the Hanson’s strength run on the schedule, I did lower mileage speedwork. Again, I felt doing something other than an easy run would boost my confidence, but I didn’t want to trash my legs with an 11 mile mid-week run.

These were hard. My legs and lungs were on fire from the start of each repeat. It’s amazing how long 3 minutes can feel.

Thursday – I finally admitted to feeling burnt out when all day long, all I wanted to do was go home and relax. I didn’t want to go straight to run club. I didn’t want to get home late and rush to prepare for work the next morning. I just wanted another lazy afternoon like Tuesday. So I texted my friend that I wouldn’t make it that night and went home to prop my feet up and read some more.

Friday – 7 mi @ 8:13 + plank. I did this run over lunch and it was a great way to break up the day. I used to runch a lot more, but since I’m running higher mileage now, it can be hard to squeeze in a longer run mid-day. It was worth staying a little bit later at work though 🙂

Saturday – 2 mi warm up, 10 mi @ 7:24, 2 mi cool down + plank

I wasn’t in the mood for this last tempo run, but knew it had to be done. My legs felt much better than they had on Monday and Tuesday, and it was a beautiful day out. I felt pretty good during the tempo, but the last two cool down miles, my legs were feeling tired again. I finished the run tired and hungry, but oh so happy.

Total Weekly Mileage: 55.32

Do you give in and take a rest day early when feeling burnt out, or do you stick to the schedule?

Boston Training Week 16: Mar 29 – Apr 4

I thought I’d get some pep back in my step last week since the last long run of the training cycle was through, but I was still running on tired legs for most of the week. In an effort to remain positive though, I’d rather have tired legs than injured legs 🙂 (not saying that to bug anyone struggling with an injury right now. I’ve been there too and know how much it sucks!)

Sunday – 8 mi @ 8:49 + plank. I ran at beach again since I knew I wouldn’t be getting home until around 11 that night. Not surprisingly, it was just like Saturday’s long run the day before – the first half was straight into the wind, and the second half was with the wind. I was glad I didn’t have an entire week’s worth of running to do at the beach. 

Monday – I had the day off work to catch up on everything I didn’t do over the weekend since I was out of town. I slept in until 8:45, waking up shortly before IT was expected to call me about issues with my work laptop. Well, they didn’t. I was irritated and called them to reschedule, then got busy doing laundry (4 loads!) and running errands. I finally got ready to run and drove to another entrance on my usual trail around 2:15.

2 mi warm up, 10 mi @ 7:35, 2 mi cool down + plank. My left calf was pretty sore for most of the run, but it wasn’t anything I was too concerned about, as it didn’t feel like an oncoming injury type of sore or pain.

Tuesday – 1 hr yoga + 6 mi @ ? I made it a whopping .04 miles before accidentally stopping my watch, and didn’t notice until halfway through the run. Luckily Sammy and I have a standard 6 mile out-and-back, so I knew I got the distance in.

Wednesday – The track club I usually go to moved it’s meeting location from a high school 10 minutes away from me to one roughly 25 minutes away…meaning I won’t be able to make it. Hopefully when they’re scheduled to move locations again mid-summer, it’ll come back to a high school in Rockville so I can start going again.

I texted Sammy as I was trying to figure out what to do, and settled on taking Wednesday off and running a Hanson’s Marathon Method strength (slower speed workout but higher mileage) workout on Friday.

Thursday – 1.05 mi @ 8:13 + abs + 5.19 mi @ 8:00. I probably should’ve taken this run slower, and I had every intention to(!), but my usual running buddies chided me for taking it slow when they were having a slow day themselves. I ended up joining an older guy who used to run 2:30s marathons and chatting with him about races and career goals (mine, not his 🙂 )

Friday –  I thought I overdressed for the run when I noticed in the car on the way over that my temperature guage said 70 degrees, and I was in capris & a long sleeved shirt. Thankfully it cooled down quickly since the sun set shortly after Sammy & I got going.

2 mi warm up, 4 x 1.5 mi @ 7:00 w/800 meter recovery, 2 mi cool down.

Repeats @ 6:49, 6:58, 6:58, 6:58

We did this on the trail since the thought of anything longer than a mile on a track sounded beyond boring. But holy hills! Each repeat had at least 1 significant (read: soul-sucking) hill in it. But they only make me stronger, right?

Saturday – 10 mi @ 8:13. I knew earlier in the week that rescheduling my speedwork for Friday night, then doing a 10 miler first thing the next morning would be rough, and it most definitely was. My legs were tiiiiired. But I had to squeeze it in before another long car trip, this time to southeast VA for a Bridal shower.

Total Weekly Mileage: 55.74 miles

Do you prefer running somewhere new, even if it means runs feel harder?

Would you rather run longer repeats on a track or paved trail?